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is a software development studio based in Christchurch, New Zealand. We live and breathe Cloud Computing, Web, and Mobile app development. We provide structured Prototyping and MVP development services to the New Zealand small business and start-up community.

Rapid Prototyping and MVP

Your ideas to life

You've got ideas, and they're going to change the world, but where do you start? Do you throw money at a developer with a rough guideline and hope it'll work out well while not costing the earth?

The prototype

What you need is a prototype. This starts as a wireframe, many diagrams, flow charts, and a complete interactive blueprint of how your product will work.

What does your product do?

You'll already know who your customers are, and how you're going to market and sell your product. That's not our focus. We ensure that you understand exactly what will go into your system, and exactly what your required outputs are, and how we get there.


We provide a secure, extensible, functional, and feature rich Minumum Viable Product to your business, partners, and investors. This approach ensures that you understand if your solution as a whole is viable.

Where to from there?

Post prototyping and MVP, we offer complete development solutions to bring all of the initial work to market, or simply relinquish it so that your own development team can push on to make your start-up dreams a reality.


You've got ideas, and they're going to change the world, but where do you start? Do you throw money at a developer with a rough guideline and hope it'll work out well while not costing the earth?

What you need is a prototype. This starts as a wireframe, many diagrams, flow charts, and a complete interactive blueprint of how your product will work.

Want to know more?

Whether you are looking for a personal or business website, Ankle Tap can prepare a package tuned for your budget and requirements. We achieve this by leveraging proven frameworks and services such as Node, React, and WordPress.

Don’t let that fool you, we have a solid background in Web Application development using the .NET Framework and Razor MVC.

It all comes down to what you want to achieve.

As huge fans of cross platform development, we pride ourselves on delivering rich mobile applications on all major platforms including iOS, Android, and Universal Windows. We achieve this with a combination of quick prototyping with tools such as Apache Cordova, platform consistent development with Xamarin, and where required native development on each individual platform.

This approach allows us to give you a wide spectrum of mobile services, with a very broad range of entry costs. A quick prototype may actually be more than sufficient as a production system for your business model. Your individual requirements will be met, and advice on the best course of development to achieve your particular goal will be provided.

In addition, we take the mobile user experience very seriously. The reason for this is simple; over 75% of users rely upon their mobile device for most communications. This number is only going to continue to grow. The proven tools and design patterns we use ensure that our custom mobile solutions are maintainable, extensible, and most importantly, relevant to your requirements.

The future is in the cloud, that much is certain. Ankle Tap accesses the cloud by way of the Microsoft Azure platform. This was a conscious decision, as, even though it can be expensive, the up time guaranteed by the platform is significant and cannot be understated.

Your business model is important. From the serving of business software accessed remotely like Microsoft Dynamics AX, hosting of a web API for your always connected web service, or Machine Learning with the Internet of Things, your Cloud solution can adhere to your model, while delivering a measurable return to your bottom line.

This one is broad; every business system generates mountains of data which is not only useful, but relevant. What you need is a way of condensing this data, and manipulating it into a format that is easier to not only digest, but also quantify. This data can be used to reinforce your business decisions, and ensure that your projections and planning will continue to generate true Return On Investment for the future.

As an example, you may have an existing system such as Power BI for generating reports. We can assist you to ensure that you are getting the most from these mediums, and help you to prepare dashboards that allow you to see, at a glance, what your precious data is telling you.

In addition, all of our custom solutions are built from the ground up with extensibility in mind. We are huge proponents of this approach, because it takes future development into consideration, which by default allows future business decisions to be more informed. This drives efficiency.

In New Zealand, internal business processes continually place a huge amount of reliance upon software packages such as Microsoft’s Excel and Access, and to a lesser degree, Word. Often times, this reliance breeds business processes that are fundamentally inefficient; this usually revolves around manual data entry processes. Staff just don’t know better, and management simply want the job done, and this is OK.

Our focus in these scenarios is on the manual process; getting data from one system and into another.

With 15 years of proven projects for New Zealand companies like Christchurch Casinos Ltd, Transpower Ltd, Kathmandu Ltd, and most recently Cedra International Ltd, you can be assured that Ankle Tap understands what it takes to improve upon inefficient business processes. We assess your business model and provide a solution that is not only accurate, but efficient.

The PC is not dying, and it will be here for a long time. Ankle Tap have a keen interest in maintaining the functionality of the modern PC by continuing to develop for the platform long into the future.

Regardless of whether you want a custom data driven business application, a site monitoring security audit system, or even a 3D action game, Ankle Tap can create a solution that will suit your particular needs.

There is a large amount of crossover in the services that we offer. For example, you may require a mobile application which has data connectivity. Our solution for this particular scenario may require Azure Cloud services to leverage the superior up time characteristics that your business model requires, a database engine with geo-replication specific to your clients location, and a mobile application which delivers a consistent User Experience for all users on multiple devices and platforms.

The sky (cloud) really is the limit.


Most NZ businesses aren't web enabled

It’s becoming increasingly difficult for the small business to gain a competitive advantage in the online and mobile arena.

In 2013, MYOB posted metrics indicating that only ~34% of New Zealand SMEs operate a website, and ~16% use cloud services . Fast forward to 2016 and this number has increased, but not by as much as you may expect.

Where does your business sit within these metrics?
Are you web enabled?

Why the focus on small business?

Quite simply, it’s what we enjoy.

While traditional development houses are focusing on the big contracts, small business owners can be left out in the cold, not knowing where to begin.

We understand that your focus is on operating your business, and for that reason, our focus is taking care of the details, and keeping you informed every step of the way.

We eliminate the jargon, and speak your language.


The barrier to entering the app arena is obvious, it’s expensive. It can likewise be difficult for a small business to enter the online world, but why?

It's fine if you aren’t tech savvy, your focus should be your business. But do you realise how much business is available on the web? We will understand your business prior to writing a single line of code, and in doing so we will ensure you understand the solution we propose for you.

What do you want to achieve?

But wait, there's more

It’s easy to overlook what else we can do for you with all of this talk.

We take on personal web projects regularly, as well as game development on occasion. We can also assist you in re-working your existing data entry processes. We're huge proponents for efficient business practices, and are fully aware that an efficient data entry procedure creates a well oiled machine.

Check out our services to see what else we can do for you.

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